Awesome thing about Ethiopia #1: My 10 yr old has a natural talent for pronouncing Amharic

The Amharic word for “word” is ቃል. At least that’s the word for “word” used in John 1:1 in my Amharic Bible.

The “ቃ” represents the sound “qa” with a long “a” and an ejective “q”. An ejective sound is one where you create extra pressure and get a kind of “explosion” as you say it.

So… I taught my 10 yr old how to say John 1v1 today, which from memory is (please, Ethiopian friends, forgive poor spelling if I get the vowels wrong): በመጀመሪዑው ቃል ነበረ፤

Jos struggled with the first word “in the beginning”, because it’s long. BUT… he replicated the sound for ቃል perfectly.

A mini phonologist in the making!!!!!!!

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